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Dan Bowman – The Mayor

If you’ve ever met Dan Bowman, well, join the club. Affectionately referred to as “the mayor,” this man-about-town rarely enters a room that he doesn’t know at least one person, if not fifty. And why is this Nebraska native so well-known in his adopted state of Arizona? Certainly that can be attributed to his extroverted personality and his passion for community service.

When he’s not managing projects for Drewett Works, Dan serves as President of the Scottsdale League for the Arts, a non-profit organization that has raised millions of dollars for Art and Art Education. The League is most noted for its Scottsdale Culinary Festival held annually in April, but offers events throughout the year raising funds for its generous arts education grant program. Dan has been involved with the organization since 2009, garnering a “Rookie of the Year” award for Outstanding Contributions, and serving in various leadership capacities including his current role as President.

Dan also hosts the Valley’s most popular Nebraska football-watching parties, with legions of fellow fans joining him to cheer on the Cornhuskers. Dan was born and raised in York, Nebraska and holds two degrees from the University of Nebraska, a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies and an MBA.

Dan’s latest claim to fame is being named one of the “Most Eligible Phoenicians” for 2016 by Arizona Foothills Magazine. As one of the Valley’s 20 most successful and sexiest singles, we’re pretty sure that makes DW the sexiest place to work as well.

Meet Dan Bowman.

When did you first become aware that you wanted to be an architect? I have known since I was young that I wanted to be an architect. I always thought it was so interesting that something amazing could be created with great ideas and hard work. When you are standing inside a building and can see how others feel and react to the space, it’s exciting knowing the amount of work that it took to get there.

Describe your talents. I am very diverse, like a utility player on a baseball team. I can do just about anything I set my mind to. I have always been good at learning new things and adapting to my surroundings. I take pride in problem solving, always about the solution.

What aspect of your profession gives you the greatest gratification? Seeing the finished product and the human reaction to what was created.

Describe what you like to do in your spare time and on the weekends.  When I do get some free time I really like to spend it with friends and family. Hiking the mountains around town, going to all of the sporting events here in Phoenix, trying as many of the amazing restaurants in the Valley as I can, heading out to the lake to wakeboard on the weekends, planning fun vacations, or something as simple as having a beverage on a patio during our many amazing months of great weather!

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