The word “architect” has roots in many languages. From Middle French architecte, from Latin architectus, from Greek arkhitekton “master builder, director of works,” from arkhi- “chief” + tekton “builder, carpenter.” An Old English word for it was heahcræftiga “high-crafter.” (source: Online Etymology Dictionary).

The common thread of building is present in each of the above language roots. And while the common use of the word building is certainly our chief focus here at Drewett Works, there’s another kind of building that we enjoy. And that’s assisting one of our clients to build a brand.

We recently worked on a marketing package for client Sonora West Development that included logo development, advertising design, and project boards in addition to home designs for several lots within this north Scottsdale neighborhood. With the help of Jeff Simutis, illustrator, and Spring Media USA’s Ryan Lord, graphic designer, the marketing package came together with great success, effectively communicating not only the beautiful home designs from the pen of C.P. Drewett, but also the serene essence of this ranch-turned-neighborhood and the retreat it will become for its future residents.