Langdon Drewett – Architect-in-Training

A 2022 Cal Poly San Luis Obispo architecture graduate, Langdon Drewett has always had his heart set on architecture.

Perhaps it was those early memories in his dad’s office sword fighting with Rob Banach using the inner cardboard tubes from gargantuan rolls of plotter paper. Or maybe the many hours he saw his dad working at a drafting table laboring over the next design of a luxury custom home. Whatever the initial motivation, the next generation of Drewett fell easily into the steps of a father and grandfather whose minds were made to make things.

A 2017 graduate of Brophy College Preparatory, Langdon interned at Drewett Works every summer since high school, finding himself quickly thrust into the real world of design, computer modeling, rendering, and producing the project videos that DW clients eagerly await.

A long-time obsessed artist, his childhood favorites to draw included trains, horses, and houses. Over time, the art interests began to morph from handheld instruments to mouse-driven movements on a computer. His deft hand at renderings made him a formidable Cal Poly student and a true help in the DW architectural process.

Let’s get to know Langdon a little better.

Was there a particular moment you knew architecture was your destiny?  When Dad accepted that it could be a really incredible thing to work together as father and son, and I got to stop lying about wanting to do…drumroll, please….orthodontics. I’m thankful for straight teeth thanks to braces, but I like architecture way more.

What aspect of your profession do you enjoy most?  I love this intersection of so many different lines of thought — art, philosophy, engineering, history, culture — that come together to make a building happen. There are few professions with this much diversity in approach and application.

The last book you read? Dune by Frank Herbert. A classic, essential sci-fi novel. Arguably as influential as Lord of the Rings, but a bit more under the radar.

Who is on your current playlist? I actually don’t listen to playlists too often. I like appreciating a good album from start to finish. Most of my favorite artists put a lot of thought into the overall composition of an album. But, if you want to know my favorite artists, here a few: Massive Attack, Deftones, TOOL, Kendrick Lamar, Silversun Pickups, and The Weeknd.

Do you have any good habits? I have one thing that I aggressively keep organized — my computer.

Epitaph? “Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another,” Proverbs 27:17. Or, an alternate: Anything worth doing in life is worth overdoing. Moderation is for cowards.

Favorite Netflix binge? Peaky Blinders, Ozark, Westworld, and Seinfeld.

Favorite movie genre? I love a good slow-burn drama. The longer and grittier, the better. i.e. The Place Beyond the Pines. Also, I’m a sucker for some good sci-fi. I’m an avid Star Wars fan and admirer of films by Ridley Scott and Denis Villeneuve (in my opinion, the two greatest sci-fi directors…George Lucas doesn’t make that list until he learns to write dialogue). I’m also a budding movie critic and post reviews on my YouTube channel @arch_films.

Most memorable moment? At Baccalaureate Mass the night before my high school graduation, the final mass we had together as a class before graduating, I was asked to carry our class banner with one other student and led our class into the church.