Mark Wizynajtys Project Coordinator

A mathematics wiz with a strong background in engineering and CAD technology, Mark enjoys the challenge of Sudoku and is a prolific reader who loves finding something that needs to be fixed and being part of the solution.

Born in Fort Sill, Okla., Mark is a true academic scholar, having received bachelor’s degrees in both mechanical engineering and mathematics, along with a master of science in mathematics and a master of arts in mathematics.

Mark met his wife, Jennifer, in Michigan where they ran their own CAD company before heading to the desert Southwest in 2006. Dog lovers at heart, both are experienced dog agility instructors and tend to four of their own furry friends that together weigh less than 40 pounds.

Want to learn more about Mark? Read on.

Tell us about one of your first pets. Blackbird (Birdie), is a Chihuahua mix of some sort and is the first dog in any household I’ve lived in who chose me. The Pitbull Rescue group visited us to determine if we would be a good foster fit while they looked for someone to adopt her. When I walked out of the house into the backyard she came charging across it and leaped at me from about 6 feet away crying and barking with joy the entire way. I had to catch her and it was love at first sight for both of us. Thankfully, six months later no one had expressed any interest in her and Jennifer agreed we could adopt her.

Any special talents? Does math count? Plenty of people are better than me, but I really enjoy it.

Dream destination? I’ve always dreamt of visiting the countries and learning the languages of my ancestors. While I have put some effort into the latter, I’ve not yet had the opportunity to do the former. France, Poland, Hungary and Lithuania are places I still want to see.

Least favorite food? Tomatoes unless they are in a sauce. Honestly, it wasn’t until 2020 that I started eating chunky salsa.

Favorite Netflix binge? What’s Netflix?

What is something you do when you are looking to relax? Read or online Sudoku. When Jennifer and I started seeing each other, I had 11 bookcases full of books and she had five. Now we are up to 15 and we’ve probably weeded out another 10 or so cases over the years.

Favorite movie? I think Harold and Maude. There is something about the quirky story and visuals juxtaposed with Cat Stevens’ music that just attracts me.

Fireplace or bonfire? Well, in Phoenix, neither. In general, fireplace, as one of my close friends back in high school had a near-miss with a bonfire and gasoline.

Any other interesting tidbits? My father felt that my sister and I needed to be exposed to experiences beyond standard classes in school. As part of that, he insisted that we both had to learn to play an instrument and compete in athletics for at least one year. I played saxophone (alto and baritone) from 5th to 9th grade. During that last year, I auditioned for the Flint Institute of Music and was accepted. Playing Khachaturian’s Sabre Dance was one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had. Also, for a few years, I studied Taiko drumming at the Fushicho Daiko dojo here in Phoenix.