Stratton Andrews, Architect-In-Training

Born and raised in Hartford, Connecticut, Stratton followed in his mother’s footsteps by attending the University of Arizona.

After five years of shoveling sunshine instead of snow, Stratton earned his Bachelor of Architecture degree and moved to the Phoenix area to pursue his architectural career. His interest in architecture began with childhood drawings of baseball stadiums and building with legos. Summers working in construction confirmed his interest in the field of architecture. Intern position at firms both large and small sparked his interest in residential design along with the satisfaction of working directly with clients and creating their dream homes.

Let’s get to know Stratton a little better. Here we go.

Favorite architect? Mies Van Der Rohe

What is your favorite memory from your past? Best memories are summers at my grandparents’ beach house with our whole extended family

What was your most favorite/memorable job as a teenager? I loved working construction during summers and learning first hand how houses go together.

If you had a choice, where would you spend your time? Or where would travel? I am a beach guy with a drink in my hand and friends by my side.

If you were granted one wish, what would you wish for? I would wish to design and build my own home.

What is your favorite type of movie? History movies.

What is your dream project? A modern resort or a mansion on the beach.

Favorite free time activity? Watching or playing sports.

Describe your family. I have a  small close knit family and they all live in New England. I’m hoping to move them all out here some day soon!