Nancy Erdmann – Marketing Coordinator

A seasoned writer in the publishing industry with more than 25 years of experience writing about interior and exterior design, Nancy is well-versed in what it takes to bring a project to the forefront of the media.

As a young girl, she wanted to be an interior designer, often building miniature houses from shoeboxes, covering the insides with wallpaper and creating tiny pieces of furniture out of cardboard. Later, a love of writing and photography became her focus, and she went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in mass communications from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. 

Nancy spent five years working in a dark room, developing and printing black-and-white photos by hand while honing her photography and writing skills. After working in Dallas and Seattle, she landed in Phoenix more than 30 years ago and has served as both editor and writer for several local and regional magazines. As her love of architecture and design evolved, aligning herself with an esteemed architectural firm made perfect sense. At Drewett Works, she gets to flex her creative muscles in myriad ways every day.

Read on for more about Nancy.

What was your most favorite/memorable job(s) as a teenager? I was a window dresser at a men’s clothing store and worked on the grounds crew at a music festival site.

Free time activities? Gardening, reading, biking, walking, beading, decorating

What has been the most influential/life-changing event in your life? It was my first professional job at a small women’s magazine in Arizona, and then moving over to Phoenix Home & Garden magazine, where I worked for 20 years, eventually becoming the executive editor.

Dream destination? Italy

If you were granted one wish, what would you wish for? Perfect health

What is your greatest fear? Bugs

Proudest moment? College graduation

Least favorite food? Seafood

Favorite movie genre? Suspense

Any pets? I’ve always had rescue cats, and we recently adopted a dog from Mexico.

One life lesson you have learned so far? Persistence pays off.

Favorite Netflix binge(s)? Goliath, Grace & Frankie, Lucifer, Bloodline

Name two things you do every day. Drink coffee and make my bed

Favorite architect? The one who signs my paycheck, and that would be…C.P. Drewett!

How did you become interested in architecture? The more I wrote about interior and landscape design, the more enamored I became with the actual architecture of a house. I love discovering why an architect does what he does to make his work stand out.

What aspect of your profession do you enjoy most? Anything having to do with imagery and words and putting the two together.

The last book you read? “I Used to Be Charming” by Eve Babitz

Fireplace or bonfire? Both 

Favorite free-time activity? Gardening/being in nature

Most embarrassing moment? Slipping on a banana peel in my high school cafeteria

Beach or mountains? Beach (but I love the mountains, too)

Any other interesting tidbits? I once tried out for a Dr. Pepper commercial, played the flute for nine years, ran track in high school and was a college cheerleader.