Commissioned to transform a poorly conceived 1980’s stucco box in Phoenix, Arizona’s Palm Canyon, architect C.P. Drewett used a completely new playbook for this design. Machine-like forms and broad-stroke massing combine to galvanize this daring mid-century hillside dwelling.

Through layering of space, degrees of separation, and transparency, this home is truly dynamic. The existing footprint and disturbance boundaries already at their maximum allowable, C.P. had to work within these limits to create an original piece of architecture. Glass, cantilevers, curving roof forms, and bold materials make this home a feast for the senses.

Project Details | Palm Canyon, Phoenix, AZ
Architecture: C.P. Drewett, AIA, DrewettWorks, Scottsdale, AZ
Builder: Sonora West Development, Scottsdale, AZ