I’ve hired an architect. What’s next?

Once you’ve made the decision to retain an architect, it is important to understand the process. We like to break down the process of architecture at DrewettWorks into four stages: math, art, science, and execution.


The process begins with a strategic line of questioning and use of tools such as a project spreadsheet, Pinboards (Pinterest), and Ideabooks (Houzz), and budget analysis to help the client define wants vs. needs, define a realistic understanding of cost of construction, and establish levels of expectation. The accurate and early marriage of expectation and budget is the quickest route to collaborative confidence. It is through this exercise that a realistic vision can be captured.


Often considered the schematic design phase, this phase begins with an in-depth site analysis, insuring that we are on-target with the site’s idiosyncrasies, solar orientation factors, and the clients’ site-specific concerns. We will often have a “work session” with clients to ensure that the nuances of the site are discussed and understood with regard to initiation of the design. Once we have the client’s endorsement of the site analysis and programmatic elements, design initiates. This is a very focused period where we communicate through loose diagrams, sketches, and computer documentation. We will test every limit of a project which forges the vision. This gives both Drewett Works and the client a firm foundation. It is from this vision foundation that all design decisions can be based.


Referred to as the design development phase, this is where the proverbial “rubber meets the road” and the design becomes real. We will affix values to the art and define what is capable with certain materials and the cost implementation of those materials. We draw from our architecture “vat of knowledge” and years of experience and apply liberally to effectively and efficiently develop structure, address thermal and moisture issues, and transform the project from artistic inspiration into constructable reality.


This is where all aspects of the DrewettWorks team are made visible. From depth of construction expertise, detailing refinement, and problem-solving moxy, our documents are second to none. Accurate, detailed, and on-budget, we will maintain our embrace through the construction process. Our ultimate duty and passion is to steward our clients from initial vision to constructed reality. The building of a relationship has equal merit to the construction of a project.