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“We had four goals for the Li’l Wick short-game park experience,” says Brownlee. “The first was to introduce people into golf that hand’s played golf. Second, to create golf that is fun and entertaining and not a 4- or 5-hour round that is difficult for many. Third, to come up with something that introduced a different element of entertainment for the community. And fourth, to come up with something that would introduce a pedestrian non-golfer into a golf setting.”

The team checked each box with the creation of Watering Hole, a bar and grill plunked down right into the middle of the 18-acre experience. The island-like facility dishes out not only tasty, distinctive American fare — the smoked beef brisket grilled cheese sandwich is exceptional — premium beers and liquors, fire pits, wide-screen TVs and a variety of comfy chairs. Watering Hole offers so many enticements, you might opt to stay put and skin the golf altogether, which is fine with the folks who created it.

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