Vanessa Rief, Architect – Junior Project Manager

This University of Colorado at Boulder graduate was not only president of her AIA student chapter, she was a board member for the local AIA organization and spoke at the 2013 AIA National Convention.

She got her first taste of the architecture world in high school renovating homes fix-and-flip-style. She was involved in every part of the process including demolition, painting, installing plumbing and light fixtures, and landscaping.

She was the recipient of the AIA Colorado North Service Award in 2013, and was published in Architect Colorado in the Spring of 2012. Additionally, Vanessa is a LEED Green Associate.

While Vanessa is a very accomplished designer, our favorite fun fact about Vanessa is that she is somewhat obsessed with dinosaurs…but not just any dinosaur…her favorite is the T-Rex!

Let’s get to know Vanessa a little better.

What about architecture drew you to the field?  It is the perfect mix of logic and creativity which totally matches my personality. It allows me to blend nature and the built environment together.

What aspect of your profession do you enjoy most?  The connection to people and helping clients design their dreams. I also love solving problems and getting all the pieces of a building to fit together beautifully.

Dream vacation? Banff National Park, Iceland, Bali, Croatia, Spain

What is your favorite memory? Annual camping/backpacking trip with my dad. He is the best adventure partner there is!

Any pets? We have a dog named Cruiser and we are best friends. Every moment with him is special, he makes this life more enjoyable.

Free time activities? I enjoy crocheting and baking. [The baking has been verified and endorsed as Vanessa frequently brings in treats for the DW team!]

Describe your family. I am the youngest of four. My sister has three wonderful kids.

Favorite movie? Jurassic Park

Beach or mountains? Mountains!