Jazmine Salley – Architect-In-Training

A California native, Jazmine was born in El Centro and raised in San Bernardino where this multi-disciplinarian received a master of science degree in management in 2017 and in 2020, a master’s in architecture from Arizona State University.

But before that, this well-educated creative studied art with an emphasis in photography, and in 2016 she earned a bachelor’s degree in studio art and a minor in mathematics from California State University San Bernardino.

Jazmine was a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars and spent a year working at a leadership challenge center at the Recreation and Wellness center at CSUSB where she facilitated challenge course curricula to enhance team-building skills. What ultimately drew her to a career in architecture was the vastness and versatility it offers across various industries and disciplines.

Want to learn more about Jazmine?

Describe your family. I am the youngest of three girls. With my mom being the youngest of 11, I also have a large extended family.

What was your most favorite/memorable job as a teenager? For about two years, I was employed to do landscaping and lawn care on my grandparents’ property.

What has been the most influential/life-changing event in your life? Moving to Arizona in 2016

Any special talents? I’m a pretty decent glassblower.

Dream destination? Maldives

What is your greatest fear? Being stuck on a Ferris wheel, or any ride for that matter. Two experiences, both times unfortunately happened at Disneyland.

Least favorite food? Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Favorite movie genre? I’m a fan of almost every movie genre, but if I had to pick just one, it would be comedy.

Favorite Netflix binge? A Different World or The Office

How did you become interested in architecture? I was introduced to architecture through a Dr. Seuss-type alphabet book of jobs and professions as a child. The first profession was “A” for “Architect,” and it was accompanied by an illustration of a woman standing in front of a drafting table. From that moment forward, I was hooked.

The last book you read? The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben

Favorite movie? Top 5: Good Burger, The Little Rascals, Clue, Troop Beverly Hills, and The Outlaw Josey Wales