Rob Banach, Architect, LEED AP – Project Director

This Michigan native arrived in Phoenix, Arizona in 1996 to earn a master’s degree in architecture from Arizona State University. More than 20 years later, he’s still loving sunny Arizona.

Fresh from graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Michigan, Rob Banach headed to the southwest to pursue his professional degree from ASU. After working at several architecture firms, he landed at the desk next to another guy, CP Drewett, who was also working his way up the ladder in the architecture world. When CP launched Drewett Works in the fall of 2001, Rob Banach was the first employee! We are more than thrilled that Rob is back on board at Drewett Works as Project Director and in-house comedian. His knowledge of municipalities, his prowess with assembling a set of documents, and his keen eye for detail are only bettered by his quick wit, amazing impressions, and incredible loyalty and character.

Let’s get to know Rob a little better. Here we go.

How did you become interested in architecture? I became interested in architecture after my first year of junior college. I went into junior college thinking that I wanted to be an engineer. I enjoyed the drafting aspect but wanted the ability to be more creative. I switched my focus and never looked back. Up to this point, my entire career has been in residential design. I love the personal aspect of residential design.

Dream vacation? Hanging out in a Maldives water villa with the glass floor

Ginger or Mary Ann? The professor or Gilligan? Ginger, of course! I married a redhead. I’d be the professor – more apt to survive on a desert island due to his intelligence!

Favorite free time activity? My favorite free time activity is spending time with my family. Life is so hectic these days that the best time is when we are all together with no agenda and just go with the flow.

Favorite movie genre? Action and horror

Who’s on your current playlist? A Perfect Circle

First pet? My Aunt found this little mutt in the woods and brought it to us. We ended up keeping him and naming him Tippy because of the patch of white fur on the tip of his tail.

Describe your family. My beautiful wife, Kimberly, is a very dedicated and hard-working mother. I have two amazing daughters, Madison and Meadow, who keep my wife and I on our toes! Never a dull moment with those two!