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On the Boards: Rabble Rouser

Like a rabble of butterflies migrating in nature, the design of Rabble Rouser mimics the organic shape these graceful creatures form in the sky. This unusual configuration also sums up the geometry of this contemporary estate located in the higher elevations of North Scottsdale in Desert Mountain. With its layered roofline anchored by randomly placed [...]

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On the Boards: Tip Top

Overlooking the sweeping peaks and valleys of picturesque Phoenix Mountains Preserve, Tip Top is designed to be equally impressive indoors, outdoors and from below. Located in one of the most highly desired areas of the Valley of the Sun, Tip Top sits on what once was a mountain peak that had been flattened out and [...]

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On the Boards: Up and Away

Situated within a picturesque box canyon in one of the most prestigious townships in Phoenix, Up and Away is afforded some of the most breathtaking views. With its back set into the slope of Mummy Mountain, this contemporary masterpiece truly is unique. Mathematically complex to engineer due to the constraints of the hillside ordinance, Up [...]

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On the Boards: Ellington Heights at Silverleaf

Located in one of north Scottsdale’s most prestigious communities, Ellington Heights at Silverleaf was designed to break the mold yet harmonize with the neighborhood’s existing classic Spanish estates. Situated in an upper canyon of the McDowell Mountain Range, Ellington Heights at Silverleaf offers unprecedented views of downtown Phoenix. This Modern Desert Prairie home, a style [...]

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Ebony and Ivory

Nestled into a box canyon in Paradise Valley, Arizona, Ebony and Ivory is a marriage of a classic design aesthetic with modernist design principles. <> The husband and wife were slightly divided regarding “style,” so the resulting design was truly a vow of collaboration. With primary goals to meet the needs of an active family [...]

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Straight Edge

Built into a steep mountainside in Paradise Valley, Ariz., Straight Edge is a masterpiece of modern architecture. Limestone masses and walls of glass meld into a flat butterfly-shaped roofline edged in black fascia, delivering a structure both subtle and dramatic in appearance. The extremely steep hillside made construction difficult but worth it in the end. [...]

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The Crusader

Emulating the shape of an F8 Crusader plane on a carrier deck with its wings folded, The Crusader is easily recognizable from above. There are few right angles. Instead, the home’s contemporary design relies on dramatic, sharp turns. Located in The Estancia Club in north Scottsdale, the unusual residence sits on property that runs alongside [...]

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Razor’s Edge

Razor’s Edge — a contemporary masterpiece situated on a lot previously inhabited by a blighted ranch home — utilized razor-like folding forms in its design to frame view corridors and protect its occupants and outdoor living spaces from the intense desert sun. The site was ripe for a fresh start with an overgrown landscape and [...]

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On the Boards: Pinnacle Pavilion

Breaking ground in late 2021, this elegantly crafted home in north Scottsdale's Estancia Golf Club was designed with a nod toward Mid-Century Modernism and is characterized by its boxy architecture, straight lines, and minimalist nature. Sited next to a powerful natural wash and surrounded by exquisite desert flora, the four-bedroom house takes full advantage of [...]

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