A fresh interpretation of the western farmhouse, The Sycamore, with its high pitch rooflines, custom interior trusses, and reclaimed hardwood floors offers irresistible modern warmth.

The Sycamore // Streetscape

When merging the past indigenous citrus farms with today’s modern aesthetic, the result is a celebration of the Western Farmhouse. The goal was to craft a community canvas where homes exist as a supporting cast to an overall community composition. The extreme continuity in form, materials, and function allows the residents and their lives to be the focus rather than architecture. The unified architectural canvas catalyzes a sense of community rather than the singular aesthetic expression of 16 individual homes. This sense of community is the basis for the culture of The Sycamore.

The western farmhouse revival style embodied at The Sycamore features elegant, gabled structures, open living spaces, porches, and balconies. Utilizing the ideas, methods, and materials of today, we have created a modern twist on an American tradition. While the farmhouse essence is nostalgic, the cool, modern vibe brings a balance of beauty and efficiency. The modern aura of the architecture offers calm, restoration, and revitalization.

Located at 37th Street and Campbell in the western portion of the popular Arcadia residential neighborhood in Central Phoenix, the Sycamore is surrounded by some of Central Phoenix’s finest amenities, including walkable access to premier eateries such as La Grande Orange, Postino, North, and Chelsea’s Kitchen.

Plan A

Plan C

Project Details: The Sycamore, Phoenix, AZ
Architecture: Drewett Works
Builder: Sonora West Development
Developer: EW Investment Funding
Interior Designer: Homes by 1962
Photography: Alexander Vertikoff

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