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David Takeuchi

David Takeuchi, Project Manager Born and raised in Stockton, CA, David answered the proverbial question "What do you want to be when you grow up?" at a young age. Everyone has that moment as a child when a grown-up -- maybe a parent, grandparent, or teacher -- poses the question of future career choices. David's grandfather [...]

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Stratton Andrews

Stratton Andrews, Architect-In-Training Born and raised in Hartford, Connecticut, Stratton followed in his mother's footsteps by attending the University of Arizona. After five years of shoveling sunshine instead of snow, Stratton earned his Bachelor of Architecture degree and moved to the Phoenix area to pursue his architectural career. His interest in architecture began with childhood drawings of [...]

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Alyssa Capps

Alyssa Capps - A Smile A Minute All smiles all the time, her dependability, work ethic, and sparkling personality make everyone around her smile, too. Alyssa has lived in Arizona for over 15 years making her nearly a native. Born in Colorado and a former resident of Oregon, Alyssa holds an Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education from Arizona [...]

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Monte Williams

Monte Williams - The Bulldog His mantra of "making things better" utilizes his talents of analytical thinking and problem solving to improve the processes and systems of Drewett Works. A Ruston, Louisiana native, Monte moved to Scottsdale, Arizona in April 2016 to join the DW team as Operations Manager. His background as a registered financial planner [...]

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Jay Sciarani – Young Gun

Jay Sciarani, AIA, NCARB We affectionately refer to Jay as our "Young Gun" because we jumped at the chance to bring this ASU graduate's talents and abilities into the fold at Drewett Works. And we're not referring to his basketball skills, although rumor has it he's a mean 3-point shooter. Jay distinguished himself among his [...]

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Melissa Wastell – Digital Diva

Melissa Wastell - Digital Diva Affectionately known at DW World Headquarters as the Digital Diva, Melissa Wastell is our resident expert in 3D modeling and rendering. This Alamogordo, New Mexico native grew up rearranging and painting her room a different color on a nearly annual basis...leading to her interest in interior design and later, the [...]

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