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Dan Bowman – The Mayor

Dan Bowman - The Mayor If you've ever met Dan Bowman, well, join the club. Affectionately referred to as "the mayor," this man-about-town rarely enters a room that he doesn't know at least one person, if not fifty. And why is this Nebraska native so well-known in his adopted state of Arizona? Certainly that can be [...]

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Jay Sciarani – Young Gun

Jay Sciarani - Architect-in-Training We affectionately refer to Jay as our "Young Gun" because we jumped at the chance to bring this recent ASU graduate's talents and abilities into the fold at Drewett Works. And we're not referring to his basketball skills, although rumor has it he's a mean 3-point shooter. Jay distinguished himself among [...]

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Braden Santarcangelo – Creative to the Core

Braden Santarcangelo - Core Creative From his days as a young boy playing with Legos, this guy has known his destiny...the field of architecture. Born and raised in Pittsburgh and educated at Miami University of Ohio where he earned a BA in Architecture, Braden packed his bags one day and ventured west to Phoenix, citing the [...]

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Melissa Wastell – Digital Diva

Melissa Wastell - Digital Diva Affectionately known at DW World Headquarters as the Digital Diva, Melissa Wastell is our resident expert in 3D modeling and rendering. This Alamogordo, New Mexico native grew up rearranging and painting her room a different color on a nearly annual basis...leading to her interest in interior design and later, the [...]

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Elizabeth Haynes Drewett – The Other Half of Team Drewett

Elizabeth Haynes Drewett As best friends and partners-in-crime, CP and I have worked alongside one another for our entire careers, as business partners, mentors, coaches, and sounding boards. His extraordinary creativity is the yin to my organized and meticulous yang. Quite honestly, I couldn't imagine a day without him. So what is my role at [...]

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